Dates grow in warm or hot weather. Date palms grow in the Middle East, Egypt, Nothern Africa.

Dates have a long shelf life and many varieties.

There are hundreds of dates types and they have different attributes and degrees of color which each of them has its particular use.

Some kinds of Persian dates:

  • Sayer (Semi-dried) => popular in Russia, Canada, and United Kingdom
  • Zahedi, Kabkab, Rabbi, Khassui, Mazafati, and Piarom

Dates have an excellent nutrition profile calories of dates mostly come from carb; the rest are from a very small amount of protein in addition to significant amounts of fiber  

Dates are also good for 

  • Bones health 
  • Blood sugar control 
  • Pregnant women 
  • Brain health 
  • Highest antioxidants content